Life a Book

Every year is a new chapter of my book. Everyday is a new page of a chapter. In our lives, we learn new things, meet different people and experience the best each day. There isn’t a smooth sailing, as there will always be ups and down in your life to spices things up. Just like a roller coaster, riders are going for the excitement and thrill the ride could bring instead of riding a roller coaster that operate like a carousel. Every ups and down is a lesson and an experience you go through in life. It doesn’t matter if that year is filled with down, what matter is that you reflect and learn from the down to make you a better and stronger person. In fact one actually learn better from mistake rather that a smooth sailing and when you hit the rock, you can only panic and afraid. Whether your day is good or bad, you still have enjoy and make use of the day to the fullest because you will never know what will happen tomorrow.